Hello, here are some answers to the more common questions we get asked quite often.

Just who’s lake is this anyways? I hear local residents say its “theirs” and this Park will over flow the lake with congestion.

Of course Buffalo Lake is there for ALL Albertans to use. Those “locals” who claim it’s “theirs” conveniently forget this – they don’t have any more claim to the lake than any other Albertan. In fact, the developers who developed their lands faced great negativity when they developed White Sands, and expanded Rochon Sands, but thank goodness they were able to go ahead with those developments so lots more Albertans could enjoy this lake at that time. Its now time for this relatively small group of negative thinking people who feel the lake is “theirs” to expand their thinking, don’t you think? As for congestion, the Counties have done numerous studies on both the lake use and lakeside living and have found both VERY LOW in density, with lots of room for growth. Anyone spreading info otherwise is merely purveying in Fake News. It is our hope that in time, the majority of fair minded “locals” will see all of the BLRVR lease holders as people just like them – wanting to enjoy time with their families beside one of the great lakes of Alberta. The time is clearly now to come together and respectfully act and treat each other with respect. The lake is one of the largest in Alberta and there is room for all.

When is the RV Park going to be open again?

The new ownership group began working towards this goal in July, 2019 – even before legally taking over the venture the end of August! That’s how interested we are in getting this project back on track!! Erstwhile efforts now begin in conjunction with the various other parties involved. That being said, we hope a realistic goal would likely be May/June 2020 – there’s lots of work to do.

What’s really changed with this change in ownership? Why will things be any different?

We think a lot has changed. We grew up on a farm about an hour away from Buffalo Lake. We enjoyed family camping at Old MacDonald’s and many in our family have attended the United Church Bar Harbor Camp over the years. We love this lake, and want the best for it, and to create the best Family RV Resort possible so other’s can enjoy this wonderful lake, too. Time will show you the difference in our approach versus the previous approach.

When will construction begin again – I understand there is currently a STOP WORK order on the property?

Yes it is true that there is currently a Stop Work Order on the property. New Ownership is currently working closely with the local County to take the steps necessary to have this removed. We are hopeful that all conditions will be met over the next six months, thereby allowing the Order to be lifted.

Are you selling any RV camp sites now?

No. There will be no new sales until the existing Site owners have been dealt with, the Stop Order has been lifted, and the Park is in full compliance with the County.

As a current Lease Holder can I store my RV/boat at the Park over the winter?

We are not sure at this time. The County has made statements saying that they want all RVs removed from the Park before winter. Over the next few weeks we will have this sorted out with the County. We will be doing as they ask.

Was there fraud involved? Where did all the money go? Are we going to lose everything – our lot and our money paid?

These are all questions that we are asking, too. At this time, we have no reason to believe that any fraud was enacted. There seems to have definitely been poor financial practices, control and communications. It appears that the money was just spent in 2018 without strict budgeting controls. Coupled with (1) the bankruptcy of the lead Construction Contractor – Heavy North – and (2) a questionable density ruling, problems arose. Previously, we had no access to the books, and our concerns first were raised at the beginning of 2019 when more investment was requested. This made no sense considering the Sales numbers that were happening. We have just begun going through the books and will know more down the road. While this is of interest, our priority is getting the RV Resort back on track, and the current Lease Holders back onsite and camping at this great park. It is important, to note however, that to date our family has received zero dollars back from the Park ourselves for our significant investment. While some other parties have gained financially to a certain degree from this development, we have not. So, again we are a lot like you – money in and nothing in return at this point! We are going to do our best to change that for all of us.