In a lot of ways, we are just like you. Our family bought into this Lake Front Family Super Park concept and became the main investors of the project in a silent role. Like you, we were initially very excited about this project and were thrilled to see the project go forward.

A Different Approach

It’s no secret that the relationship between the previous administration and the various other area parties involved became quite fractured and confrontational. One of the first things we have done was to end this aggressive approach. We have already begun treating the various groups as partners in this venture. We all have perspectives, and we will be working hard to listen, respect, and treat these groups as partners and team mates, not adversaries. This of course is a two way street, but we will do our part. These groups must remember that this is a business development zone intended to raise the business tax base of the County to help fund County development – roads, services etc. It is important for all to make sure this development is a success and adds to the long-term benefit of the County.

Our family has been working hard in advance of this restructure, and have spent the last two months working on the park, itself knocking down the 5 foot weeds everywhere, growing and watering grass, saving trees, etc. While onsite we were able to meet many of you and we understand your frustrations. Our frustration is literally yours times a hundred! We want this park to work.

Unfortunately, like you we were often confused and left wondering what’s going on? Why did the 3-person Appeal Board make such a seemingly punitive ruling on density – goodness, a limit of less than 2 RV sites per acre, when the industry standard across Canada was 12-15 per acre? Does that sound reasonable for an RV Park located in a Business Development Zone? This restrictive ruling, coupled with questionable construction spending has created the necessity for us to get involved. This is the situation we have inherited and we will do our best to sort it out.

Our Next Steps

Obviously, there is a lot of work to do. Relationship have to be built, vendors as well as current leaseholders must be dealt with, and the park itself has lots of work required.