August 30, 2019. As you may have known, the previous ownership has been reporting for a while that the development was going through a re-structuring. This was true, and we are happy to report that the first stage of the restructure has been completed. Going forward, Mr. Hamm and RVSites Canada / RV Lots Ltd. are no longer part of this development’s ownership group. What does this restructure mean to you if you are a lease holder? Well, specifically it means that the new ownership group plans to do everything possible to meet as many of the park obligations as laid out by the previous administration. As mentioned on the main page, we will be in touch with each and every one of you to further discuss this on a private level.

September 4, 2019. Please refer to the contact page for various contacts information, including legal representation and an email to contact us directly. In the future we will have phone contacts as well, but at this time we don’t have the time and resources for that as there are almost 300 lease holders and vendors. We hope you understand. We will know a lot more and have more answers once we can get a handle on the accounting and various construction items, and assess the many options going forward.

September 9, 2019. Introduction mass email has gone out to all Lease Holders. If you did not receive this update please check your spam folder. You can contact us on the contact page to let us know that you didn’t receive it. Perhaps there is a typo in the email list that we were given. This emailer is a general introduction coupled with a basic survey to gather your thoughts on your involvement going forward. It is just a basic survey – don’t over think it! Its just a survey question to help us figure out paths forward.

September 18, 2019. Another email update has gone out. Some of you are having troubles receiving our emails and it may be your desktop spam. Additionally many companies have Server level Spam that may see the large number of recipients as a sign that we are sending Spam. So if you aren’t receiving our update emails, perhaps ask another Lease Holder to forward them to you so you don’t miss any of the latest updates..

October 9, 2019. It seems our little website address has been released out to the facebook world! So a big, wonderful HELLO to all of you! Thank you all for visiting. One could certainly argue that this development has been run wrong from the start, alienating many people. Even those opposed to this wonderful little development are welcome to come to our pages. Obviously there are lots of half truths and zero truths out there in internet land, hopefully this website can help you out. Have a great day.